Tuition Rates

Newborn–18 months 18–24 months 24–36 months 36 months–Pre-K B/A Care 5yrs old
5 full days $213 $198 $183 $163 Before 25
After 45
5 half days n/a n/a $148 $133 n/a
4 full days n/a n/a $163 $153 n/a
4 half days n/a n/a $133 $123 n/a
3 full days n/a n/a $143 $141 n/a
3 half days n/a n/a $118 $113 n/a
2 full days n/a n/a $113 $108 n/a
2 half days n/a n/a $98 $88 n/a
Registration Fee

Materials Fee

Payment Information
All tuition fees are due by the Friday before each week or a late fee of $5 per day will be charged. No exceptions for absences, vacations or holidays, annual staff development day. If you have any questions about billing, check with the office. If you need to bring your child in on a non-scheduled contract day the charge will be $45 per day if your child is over 36 months old and $55 per day if under 36 months old. Based on availability. Please make checks payable to Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows. Make payments in the front office. DO NOT leave checks in the classrooms. Please use payment drop-box for checks only. Teachers are not responsible for collecting payment. No cash accepted.

Multiple Child Discount
If you have more than one child enrolled full-time or pay in full by the due date, we will take 5% off of the tuition.

Each child will be allowed 1 week vacation unpaid. After 1 week all additional vacation taken families will be held responsible for paying. Vacation times go from August 1st to July 30th each year.