Newborn–18 months 18–24 months 24–36 months 36 months–Pre-K Full-day Kindergarten
5 full days $195/week $180/week $165/week $145/week $135/week
5 half days n/a $145 $130/week $115/week n/a
4 full days n/a $160 $145/week $135/week n/a
4 half days n/a $130 $115/week $105/week n/a
3 full days n/a $140 $125/week $123/week n/a
3 half days n/a $115 $100/week $95/week n/a
2 full days n/a $110 $95/week $90/week n/a
2 half days n/a $95 $80/week $70/week n/a
Annual Fees
In addition to tuition, there is a $20/year registration fee and a $45/year materials fee per child.

Multiple Child Discount
If you have more than one child enrolled full-time and pay in full by the due date, we will discount the second child’s tuition 5%.

Potty Training
The 24-36 month rate applies for three year olds who are not fully potty trained.