Policies for dropping off and picking up children

Dear Parents,

Please be aware when dropping off your child please have your key faub out to get into the building. If it is not working please let Miss Brittina know the number to reactivate it. If you have lost it please purchase a new one. These are sold for $10.

Once in the building please type your childs 4 digit code into the front computer. If someone other than you is dropping off please inform them of your child’s number.

Once clocked in please walk your child to his or her classroom. Make sure that your child’s teacher sees your child. If your child is a Mustang, Upstairs, you need to walk them into the classroom. If your child’s class is outside please walk them onto the playground. DO NOT allow your child to walk up the stairs and outside on their own. There may not always be another teacher up there and we want to make sure that your child makes his or her way to their classroom.

When picking up your child please follow the same rules for key faubs and clocking in. Please make sure if your child sees you coming into the building that they still tell their teacher, or that you tell their teacher that they are leaving. If they have an older sibling they may not be picked up by them. Please make sure it is an adult picking up.

Thank you very much for understanding,

Brittina, Kim and all of the Teachers!