Exciting Growth at the Early Learning Center!

I am so excited we are finally back in the front doors and on the home stretch to the END of construction! There have been many safety upgrades done in the construction process and we will continue to educate our staff to ensure we are ready for any situation. Keeping your child safe is our top priority.

We also believe that while safety is extremely important it is not enough. While children are here we want to ensure they are provided every opportunity to grow and develop in all areas: Cognitive, Emotional, Language, Physical and Social. So I am extremely excited to announce we have created a new position at the Early Learning Center to ensure we reach our goal. Miss Amber has been promoted as the lead teacher in the Mustangs to the full time Education & Training Coordinator.

We are now requiring all Lead teachers to have their degree or be working towards it!  Miss Tausha is getting her degree in Elementary/Special Education and has accepted the promotion to lead teacher in the Mustangs! Miss Amberly will move from sub status to morning Mustangs teacher.  Miss Caitlyn will be moving to the Lead Teacher in the Foxes as Miss Shantell will be pursuing a career at State Farm.

We look forward to your feedback and are excited about the promotional opportunities for our staff and continuing to provide excellent growth opportunities for your children.

Kim Stevens
Early Learning Center Director