ELP Attendance and Late Policy

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends! 

We are excited to announce that we are at capacity in our building! With this being said we know many of you ask to switch days or hours. Many times we are able to allow for these switches due to friends being on vacation or on appointments. However in order to have this privilege you must call us before 9:00AM if you plan on coming later or your child will be absent. This will allow us to know how many teachers we need per classroom and if there is a drop in spot available.

If you are on a Children’s Cabinet scholarship it is imperative that  you are clocking your child in and out daily. If you will not be coming in you must use a discretionary day or pay for the day out of pocket. If you are unsure about this policy either speak with Brittina or your Children’s Cabinet Representative. Even if you are not Children’s Cabinet you need to be clocking your child in and out daily. Give your 4 digit code to people who are picking up your child if it is not you.

On the same note please remember extra clothing, blankets, crib sheets, and diapers. We do not always have extra clothing for your child nor do we keep extra diapers.

Lastly we love your babies like they are ours. We do however have opening and closing hours, which are 6:30AM until 6:00PM. We will charge you for coming after the closing time. In the first 10 minutes it is $10 late fee and $1/minute each additional minute. This includes if you are a PT slot and have times from 8a-1p, etc. If you are coming before your slotted time and leaving after your slotted time ends you will be charged. Remember you are sharing a spot with another child.

Thank you all again for helping your child’s days run as smoothly as possible! If you have any questions our doors are always open!

Miss Kim